An Introduction to Fitness Wearables

Many people nowadays are more conscious of their bodies. As technology touches our lives, people need an answer to their demands for fitness motivation without spending too much time or money. There are so many fitness wearable devices that can have a positive effect to our health. These devices can help an individual in measuring their daily activity, sports performance and sleep patterns as well as other physical parameters.

Despite wearable technology being a relatively new craze, fitness devices have been in the market for many years. If you’re interested in using these kinds of technologies, all you have to do is know and understand the various devices that are available. It’s important to choose a fitness tracker that will easily become part of your lifestyle so that you can achieve the best results. Here are some of our favourites:

the fitness foresight fitness wearables

  • Moov – If you are a runner, this gadget is very useful. It is a small, round element that you can clip on a strap and wear it on your wrist or even on your shoes to measure landing impact when running. It helps in advance training plans. It excels in running and cycling and makes you better in the sports that you love.

Fitbit Charge fitness wearables

  • Fit Bit Charge HR – It really helps in monitoring the heart rate especially when you are doing running based activities. It also updates your caloric burn, tracking of work out, resting and heart rate monitoring.


the fitness foresight fitness wearables

  • Garmin Swim – If you are a swimmer, you can use this device to monitor your pool performance, number of strokes, stroke type and distance covered.

Misfit Shine fitness wearables

  • Misfit Shine – This is ideal for sleep tracking. This device monitors exactly when you are asleep so you don’t need to worry because there is no missed data. It is very comfortable to wear at night maximizing its effectiveness.the fitness foresight fitness wearables
  • Withings Smart Scales – If you want to lose weight this device is for you. It measures and monitors accurate blood pressure and provides in depth weight loss performance. It provides the overall picture of your health.

the fitness foresight fitness wearables

  • Swarovzki Shine – It is an ultimate woman’s fitness tracker. It has an infinite battery life that can be used in swimming, cycling and running.


the fitness foresight fitness wearables

  • The very in demand right now are wristwatches and wristbands for cardio activities. ”Garmin Vivofit” is a gadget that will remind you to move and get up every hour based on your recent activity.

the fitness foresight fitness wearables

  • Finis Neptune – In almost every sport, music is a great motivation that is were the gadget called Finis Neptune comes into play. This device uses bone conduction audio that can be used when you are swimming and it has a rechargeable battery that will last for 8 hours.


There are many smart devices and fitness monitoring gadgets specifically designed for those who are not going to the gym regularly. They help make an individual become more aware of their health, and you’ll never feel that you are unconsciously burning fats. The market is bursting with new and effective fitness devices that are becoming increasingly more affordable and consumer friendly – it’s just up to you to find which one best suits your lifestyle.

These are only few of so many fitness wearable devices that are very affordable and helpful in maintaining health. Overall, fitness wearables are extremely beneficial to your health because of their accuracy; they also help by tracking how many calories you’ve burnt and the measuring of calorie intake – if this is something that is a high priority for you then the Healbe Gobe may be your perfect suitor. The main importance of some fitness wearables is to avoid future health risks, if you remain in good shape, you can prevent the risk of any illnesses – features like this are seen in the Wellograph Wellness Watch.

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If losing weight is your main concern then a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you shed those pounds. It is important to use fitness wearable tracking devices to monitor the foods that you eat and your daily activities. Here are some benefits of using these devices:

  • You can see your problem areas and they can help you achieve your fitness goals. Fitness trackers can record your steps, the hours of sleep and calories burned so you can see how to improve. These gadgets primarily help you to make all the necessary adjustments.
  • You can monitor your progress. Using fitness wearable devices help you to get the most of your    workout routine and can be a great motivation in setting future goals.
  • You can push yourself safely and by setting limits you will prevent injuries. Fitness trackers let you compile data from your daily routine and then you can modify your workout routine based on your daily activities.

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If you are consistent in using your chosen fitness wearable device you can expect success. Seeing your progress will make you become motivated in performing your daily workout tasks, it is about making small changes and enjoying your own lifestyle. It just needs persistence and patience. It’s a great feeling to pull up your weight chart and see your achievements and improvements. These visual cues are reminders that you are taking small steps each and every day toward your larger goal and it is working.

Using a fitness tracker can really help individual’s fitness development. The biggest benefits are helping you to have a better sleeping schedule, motivation to get active, and setting your goals. Now that you know your starting point, it’s time to get moving and set a reasonable goal. Fitness wearable’s can also have a positive impact on the older generation. We know that they need to monitor their physical activities and their health as well as getting regular exercise to keep their heart healthy.

Health is the key of enjoying our lives regardless of our age or fitness levels. Technology that helps understand and improve our health will continue to be of huge importance. Let us continue to learn more and enjoy using fitness devices.

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