Best Devices For Sleep Tracking

Take control of your bedtime routine with our top gadgets to help you get a full nights sleep.

Best sleep tracking devices luna


Luna’s tag line ‘Your bed has never been so smart’ is something that is extremely apparent with this piece of subtle technology. Luna has smart alarm capabilities, the option to change the temperature of your bed and further controls allow you to set different temperatures for both sides of the bed. All of Luna’s features can be controlled by your smart phone, which means you can cool or warm up your bed at any point of the day remotely. Luna is also self-improving by learning and programming itself to create a personalized schedule for bed temperature adjustments.

Luna tracks the quality of your sleep including your varying breathing rate, heart rate, and sleep phases without you having to wear anything when your in bed. Luna is in fact a bed sheet that looks pretty much like a regular bed sheet and one that hides all notion of technology that it sports, it’s even washing machine safe.

Luna combines this knowledge about your night with information about your day by connecting with your wearable devices and uses that information to recommend what works best for your sleep and how to improve.


Best sleep tracking devices basis peak

Basis Peak

The Basis Peak sells itself as being the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker and it certainly lives up to its high expectations. The fitness tracker also doubles up as a smart watch; you can receive texts and incoming calls to your phone and the watch itself is visually a very smart-looking, unobtrusive device.

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The Basis Peak automatically tracks your sleep duration so you can see when you naturally fall asleep and wake. The device also tracks; REM sleep so that you can see the time you need for mental focus and memory, deep sleep so you know if your body is getting the repair time that it needs, even toss and turns are recorded for a better insight into your restlessness while you sleep and a sleep score so that you can understand how good or bad your sleep was and monitor your sleep over time.

The Basis Peak is able to offer in depth sleep tracking because it doesn’t simply reply on an accelerometer to detect when you are moving in your sleep, like the majority of other wrist wear fitness trackers, instead the Basis Peak as well as using the standard accelerometer it uses an optical heart-rate monitor, a skin temperature sensor and a galvanic skin response sensor.


Best sleep tracking devices withings aura

Withings Aura

The Withings Aura is specifically designed to monitor and improve your sleep quality without have to strap anything to your body. The technology is a combination of a sensor that is tucked away under the mattress and a bedside device that has warm soft lighting and sounds all controlled by the app.

Through its gentle light and sound program, Aura brings you to the optimal state in which to wake using its smart alarm feature. The sensor is highly sensitive and is more than able to track your sleep based on your body movement, breathing cycles and heart rate analysis. The bedside device analyses sounds, temperature and light levels that occur throughout your nights sleep, the device records all aspects of the quality of sleep based on your bedrooms environment and it helps you to understand what may be having a negative or positive impact on your sleep.


Best sleep tracking devices beddit


Beddit, a successful Finnish company, have created a thin sensor device that attaches to your mattress and is hidden by your bed sheet. Using ballistocardiography the device will accurately measure your heart rate, respiration and movement. Beddit teamed with the wearable tech company Misfit to partner their respective software and hardware.

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Beddit’s feature list contains; a smart alarm – to wake you at just the right time, snoring recording and analysis – shows how the quantity of snoring can have a direct impact on sleep behaviours, sleep time recording and a recovery feature -which assess whether your body has recovered from exercise and stress related activities based on your resting heart rate throughout the night. There are even daily tips that give you some great insights and information on how to improve the quality of your nights sleep.

$79 | Amazon

Best sleep tracking devices sense


Sense by Hello is wearable for your pillow and it consists of two parts, an orb, so stylish it looks like it could be a stand-alone ornament that glows different color based on the quality of your bedroom, and a clip which Sense have named a ‘Sleeping Pill’ that’s no bigger than a coin, which attaches itself firmly to your pillow sheet. It is this element that tracks all the movement of your sleep.

We all know that when we wake up groggy our bodies struggle to compensate as we grudgingly reach for our morning coffee. Sense has a smart alarm feature that analyses your sleep pattern and wakes you up at the optimum time within a half an hour window of your alarm so that you can feel refreshed when you wake up from your slumber.

Sense gives you instant feedback on your sleep in a minute-by-minute graph. From this, you will be able to see how your sleep fluctuates over time with a sleep score out of 100. Sense goes beyond the normal sleep trackers and takes environmental readings of your bedroom as well your sleep during the night. With Sense there is nothing to stress about, you don’t have to charge or plug it in – the Sleep Pill lasts a whole year. If it gets tossed in the washing machine, no problem, Sense is designed to be completely waterproof and next to indestructible.


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