Having Trouble Sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping

Experiencing difficulty in sleeping is an issue each of us will experience sooner or later in our lives. There are different approaches you can use to solve this problem as all of us long to have a good night rest. However, undertaking more physical activities could be the cure to your sleep problem. It’s critical for your body to get a decent night rest for restoration, both mentally and physically. In the event that you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, researchers have found that no less than 150 minutes of workout a week can help you find the needed night rest, and you will be able to accomplish complete 8 hours of undisturbed rest.

Setting aside time for workout during the day and consolidating it into your day to day routine could be the solution to your insomnia problem. Be that as it may, consistent workout will boost your night rest after some time, but it may not be instant so you must be persistent with your progress. Or you can try running before or after work hours or spend that time in the gym 3 to 4 times a week and very soon you will begin to see some difference in your sleeping lifestyle.

Everyone knows that there are many benefits in regular and consistent exercise. Iirrespective of if you have sleeping problem or not, creating the time for your daily routine can lessen the level of stress, uneasiness, reduces the danger of being sick and obviously enhances your general wellbeing.


Having trouble sleeping


Seeing these results urges you to re-evaluate your daily routine

It isn’t surprising that technology companies have shown interest in the relationship between workouts and night rest. Most trackers that are available can carry out analysis on your sleeping lifestyle to tell you if or not you are accomplishing the normal daily rest hours. This result will urge you to re-assess your day to day routine. For instance, if you took much coffee that day and couldn’t sleep properly, this prompt you to reduce your caffeine consumption, or perhaps you missed a workout and discovered you couldn’t sleep the whole night, so you will have to endeavor to spend more time exercising. Something good about having a tracker for activities is that it is a personal gadget, a device you can use to set your own customized targets and store your data privately. When your sleep result and daily activities are recorded, you will be able to make the right lifestyle decisions and have a feeling of fulfillment when you see changes in your general wellbeing.

You might be wondering how these gadgets can keep track of our sleep pattern. Right now, these trackers just analyze how you move and also your heart rate while you are sleeping instead of your brain waves and eye movement, however, we’re certain that wearable gadgets will have the capacity to detect everything when you are sleeping to give more exact results.

At the Fitness Foresight, we have been making research for the best activity trackers that have sleep analyzer to be able to get daily analysis of our health. We have been able to select the best 5 activity trackers available that you can use to check your sleep pattern and assist you in getting the required rest in case you’re experiencing difficulty in sleeping

Number one on the list is the Jawbone UP24. This small fitness tracking device stands out among other tracking device available in the market. By clicking the rest mode button, the Jawbone UP24 will store the data of light and heavy sleep, time you fell asleep, time you spent on bed, how often you woke up and the time you stayed awake. The sleep recovery mode can also be gotten in the first UP, which helps you in filling the gap, however we’d rather use the vibrating component in the UP24 to ensure you hit the switch for the sleep mode.


Accessible in 10 different colors and so tiny that it can be worn on any part of the body. The Misfit Shine standouts as the most wearable and discreet gadgets out there. This tiny disc-like cutting edge innovation tracks both sleep and activities and sends the information straight to the application on your wireless gadgets. At the point of tracking your sleep, it calculate information like how long you’ve been in deep sleep and light rest as well as the particular minutes and hours you have slept for.

The Fitbit Charge HR can detect when you are sleeping. It has an auto-detection that is built into the tracker that works based on heart and movement. If your heart rate drops and you aren’t making any movement, the device will show that you are sleeping and starts to track your sleeping pattern using the following equation: time sleep + time restless + time you woke when sleeping. This automatic sleep detection won’t let you activate sleep mode before you start sleeping!


The Samsung Gear Fit activity tracker will provide you with correct sleep circle. This device provides you with accurate data by monitoring and calculating the movement in your body every minutes, this data allow you to see how your sleeping pattern is improving and still analyzing every single detail. You will need to switch on ‘rest mode’ before getting into bed, additionally, you will need to ensure it is linked with your Samsung Gear Fit application and your telephone or tablet should be 30 meters or less far from your tracker. Remembering all of these things before bed might be hard, however, if you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, remember to switch on sleep mode will be a useful approach to enhancing your sleep problem.


The Polar Loop comes with constant tracking for those who needs direction to accomplish a healthier way of life. Just like other activity trackers, the Polar Loop tracks both sleep and rest. Simply wear the wristband when you are about to sleep and the gadget will calculate the time spent sleeping and time spent resting. You can see your sleep time through the daily clock action graph to know the time you were not sleeping in the night.

Obviously, the sleep analysis market is gradually turning out to be more niche-focus and gadgets like Beddit from Misfit, called Sleepace RestOn and Luna are particularly intended to just monitor sleep pattern instead of your movement during the day also.

Although the sleep analysis business has begun to make waves, scientists are still trying to figure out the connection between sleep and exercise. A study carried out by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, proposed that when a sleeping disorder patient include a little exercise into their everyday schedules, they will be less anxious and will improve their night rest. Another study printed in the Journal of Adolescent Health shows that teenage athletes have better resting patterns and are more ready in the day than their peers that practiced less.

having trouble sleeping

Take note of our top 5 tips to help you get rid of insomnia:

    • Run! Or just get some cardiovascular exercise in to your routine

Take our recommendation and carry out more exercise in your daily life – in case you’re experiencing difficulty sleeping, regular day to day work outs is the most ideal approach to focusing your mind during the day and prepared to catch some good sleep at night.

    • Ditch the caffeine and have a smoothie instead

The importance of eating healthy can’t be underestimated. If you are taking a very poor diet and you take much coffee and things that stimulate energy it may lead to having hard time sleeping. Lately, we have attempted the Nutribullet blender that accompanies an entire pack of recipes to gradually work into your eating routine. So why not attempt a sound mix of fruits and vegetables in the morning as opposed to your huge intake of coffee.

    • Purchase an activity tracker that analyses your sleep

Presently, the available technology in the market examines all areas of your body and in case you’re experiencing difficulty in sleeping, a tracker can be utilized to carry out research on your sleeping lifestyle and can actually tell you to move and adjust your body more. As soon as your objectives are reached, you will start seeing a positive change in your sleep.

    • Get in to a routine

A routine is needed for our bodies – rising up and sleeping at the same time every day will make our bodies to adjust our daily schedule that will make our body and brain rest better.

    • Avoid heavy meals at night

Always eat dinner before 8pm so that your body can have the time to digest the food. Taking foods that don’t digest before sleep time can make you start bloating and it is believed that if food doesn’t digest before going to bed, it can start to decay in your stomach – not precisely the ideal circumstance when you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping.


We don’t have an immediate treatment for sleeping disorder, but rather there are good signs that constant workouts and movement could be the way to a great night sleep. Being prompted to stand up and move more from an activity tracker is the most amazing personal trigger that helps in boosting exercise in your daily routine and track the pattern of your sleep during the night for those experiencing difficulty in sleeping. You should be patient with the progress you are making, however the right lifestyle won’t only have a great impact on your resting habits but also on your general wellbeing.

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